A collection of art by everyone

The following folks have invested in me as an artist and language is too limited to express my gratitude:

Wayne, Debbie, & Jeff Penalber

Stephanie Hettrick

Karren Lovelady (In Dedication To Lezlie Whitehead)

Jeremiah Carroll (In Dedication To Debbie Combs)

Daniel Herman (In Dedication To Claudia Osorio)

Kaleigh Treiber

Dean Atkinson

Jamel Booth

Traci Lavois Thiebaud

Paul Murray


Kalen Rowe

Schetauna Powell

Anastasia Kirages

Meredith Nudo

Erika Waldorf

Karina Brisack

Ross Gayler

ComedySportz Houston

Dustin Blanton

Tammie Tse

Brittany Morton

​Krystal Kremer

​Stephen "Last Minute" Bennett

​Rhonda Morgan


Brian Metz

Alicia Whitmire

Chris Saenz

​Kristi Wallington
​Evy Brown
Sean Billings
​Alexander Harding
​Travis Dahringer
Jackie Bayes
​Wednesday Harrell

​Zachary D Salcich

Haley Schulz

​Steven Saltsman

​Tiffany Chow

Christy & Doug Delony

​Belinda Lalwani

​Deidre Helen

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​Greg Cote

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